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Eye-Catching Assamese Jewelry Makes Brides More Gorgeous

Every girl’s dream is a fairytale wedding, and she wants to feel like a princess. No matter what the culture or region is? Every region or culture of India has it’s own type of gold jewelry and a bride’s trappings. Here, we are talking about Assamese brides and the assamese jewelry that makes them so gorgeous that no one can beat them. 

Designs for Assamese gold jewelry are frequently influenced by regional flora and wildlife, furniture, and musical instruments. Historically, they were gold-plated. The majority of Assamese brides nowadays choose designs made of real gold. There are such wide varieties of gold jewelry. You can choose one of the best designs of assamese jewelry that suits your adorable face and dress.

Have A Look At Some Historic Patterns That Are Still In Demand

Jewelry is very close to the heart of every girl or woman because they need jewelry for every occasion. The occasion can be her wedding, reception, puja or many more. So, here are some of the stunning designs of assamese jewelry that must be the weakness of every beautiful bride.

Neckwear Designs Or Patterns 

Assamese brides complement their mekhla chadar (a type of saree made of two pieces of cloth) with neckpieces of various lengths. Every component has a unique name and meaning. While the Pepa, another small chain-length necklace, draws influence from musical instruments, the Galapota or Golpota is a choker necklace with carved floral motifs. 

Finding the real design may be tough if you live far from Assam. After living far away, you can choose a traditional design that makes you smile on your wedding day. 

You can also look at the Madaya Mudhra Gold Necklace or the Peacock Plumes Necklace. The Kerumoni is an additional well-liked style. The Loka Paro is a beaded necklace with an enamelled pendant. The design is influenced by the dhol, as the name would imply. It is among the earliest examples of traditional assamese jewelry. 

Bangle Designs

Gold bangles are needed in a collection of assamese jewelry, especially for brides. They wear various designs and patterns, like bracelets, bangles in plain, and many more. In Assam, these bracelets go by the name muthi kharu. The easiest way to describe this wedding jewelry is as a robust, long-lasting bracelet made of pure gold. 

The bracelet has a look that resembles a cuff bangle. In contrast to the neckpieces, these bangles lack gems. The Lipsa Rang Gold Bangle and the Prachal Bangle were both inspired by this style of Assamese jewelry. Bangles help create a new look for assamese brides and their adorable faces.

Earrings Designs

Every bridal jewelry set requires an earring pair. Assamese women dress in extremely elaborate assamese jewelry on their wedding day or on their special day. The classic designs go by the titles of Kopo Phool and Loka paro. Traditionally, these colourful and beautiful designs were made by hand. The ornament may have the appearance of twin birds connected by a slender or sleek chain. 

Styles may include the Dhyeya Drop earrings and the Afreen drop earrings. These designs make every bride more stunning. You might also select gold jewelry designs like the Paraj Nivara Gold Jhumka as bridal jewelry.

Designs Of Crown

A matha pathi gives Assamese jewelry a facelift and makes the bride more beautiful. The Raadhi Mudra Gold Maang Tikka and the Ubika Mudra Gold Maang Tikka are well-known designs for Assamese brides. You can also consider lighter designs like the Varada Mudra Gold Maang Tikka or the Dimisha Mudra Gold Maang Tikka.

Nowadays, you may safely buy wedding jewelry online because people don’t have much time for doing surveys for the best designs. Online businesses make life easier for buyers. You can select according to your budget also. If you feel confused, we will help you select the best designs for your wedding day.


For Assamese brides, jewelry plays an important role in their wedding because of their tradition of making brides more beautiful. There are so many designs and patterns available in stores and online. But brides sometimes get confused while buying wedding stuff. We are here to help you out with making a fairytale wedding.

There are so many varieties of assamese jewelry, such as beautiful earrings, maang tikka, and many more. Sometimes you can not go to Assam to make your wedding a traditional touch. So, here we can help you make your tradition come alive at your wedding because we know weddings mean emotions.


Do you know what Assamese jewelry is called?

Assamese jewelry gives a traditional touch to Assamese brides with assamese ornaments, which include earrings with exquisite Lokaparo, Keru, Thuriya, Jangphai, Long Keru, Sona, Makor and many more.

What is included in the traditional jewelry of India?

India has many traditions, including armlets, bracelets, bangles, necklaces, earrings, fingerings, toe rings, nose rings, anklets, pendants, and waistbands. Every region and culture follow their unique style of jewelry that maintains its traditional values.

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