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Best Hairstyle For Haldi Makes Haldi Ceremony A Fairytale

The Haldi ceremony is also known as the “pithi” ceremony. and can be celebrated in the morning of the wedding. The married ladies apply turmeric (haldi), oil, and water to both the bride and groom. Before the wedding, the couple is said to be blessed with this intermixture. It is said that the haldi mixture includes the qualities that make the skin appear fairer and more radiant. 

In some Indian groups, the haldi is considered auspicious and also represents protection. The color of haldi gives prosperity to the couple as they begin their new life together. That is why the bride and groom wear yellow on their wedding day. They both want to look their best, and the bride wants the best hairstyle for haldi that makes her different from others. It goes by numerous names in different parts of the world, including ubtan, mandha, and tel baan.

Have A Look At Some Awesome Hairstyles For The Haldi Ceremony

An Indian woman wants to look her best at every wedding occasion, and haldi is one of them. After some research, you’ll get a list of some of the most popular and attractive ideas specially for the “hairstyle for haldi” ceremony. So, let’s focus on some of the best hairstyle for haldi according to the length of the hair.

Simple Loose Braided Hairstyle 

It’s easy to learn how to braid hair. Even the “simple” braids (as seen on celebrities or in social media videos) appear to need some sort of hair. So, for haldi ceremonies, brides love to have this hairstyle for haldi ceremonies. It really doesn’t matter how short or long your hair is. If you have a creative haircut, it works nicely. Just because it’s possible to become a little dirty doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. There are many hairstyles for every girl, whether you choose to wear your hair up or down, long or short.

Hairstyles for Long Hair 

If you have short hair and you are unsure how to get the most attractive appearance, then have a look at some hairstyles for the haldi ceremony. Here are some different styles. There are many options for short-length hair also. This style statement is extremely stunning. The greatest thing is that it can be done in a flash and with no effort, even if you are short on time. This style may be achieved with any hair texture. After viewing different hairstyle for haldi, you says wow!

Puffy Braid For Haldi

Have you ever seen someone with such a radiant and appealing hairstyle? If you add some accessories with the puffy braid technique in this Haldi celebration hairdo, then this hairstyle for haldi looks ultimate. Contrary to appearances, it is rather simple to do. To try it out, all you need is a good medium-to-long length of hair. If you want to wear traditional sarees during Haldi, this might be a lovely option.

Classic Haldi Look 

This may appear to be one of the most popular hairstyle for haldi. However, is it equally lovely and stunning? All you have to do is grab the portions of hair from both sides and pin them up in the center. To make a stunning and heavenly style statement, pair it with your favorite haldi accessories, such as flowers or floral attachments. 

Half-hair Fishtail Braid With Loose Hair

Have a look. Here is another haircut for the haldi ritual. How about this expensive style statement? if you have thick and stunning long or medium-length hair with any hair texture. This one is the best choice for your haldi ceremony. Isn’t it lovely? Half of the hair is braided in a fishtail braid, while the remainder is left in gorgeous waves. Adding yellow-themed accessories to your haldi ceremony, I believe, really looks stunning at your wedding ceremonies.

Messy Braid For Haldi 

Another Haldi-inspired hairdo worth trying is this messy braided look. As you are all familiar with the messy hairdo trend, you can think of this one for the haldi event theme. This magnificent design may be worn with a variety of ceremonial clothes and easily complements the trend.

Short Hairstyle For Haldi 

For the event, we’ve created another short hairdo look. To get a voluminous effect, blow-dry the hair thoroughly. To improve the look, you can add yellow and green flower attachments or a floral tiara. It may work wonderfully. 


There are many hairstyles and you will definitely get confused in the selection of the hairstyle for haldi ceremony. Because your hairstyle gives you an elegant look, which must match with your face cut and your dress. There are many occasions like haldi, mehendi, etc. So, a bride has to do research before their wedding. It’s been the toughest task for her. 

Here you have lots of hairstyles for haldi, mehendi, and on the wedding day. When you view all the styles, then you can easily match them with your face cut. We can help you out with making your wedding a dream wedding. Don’t get confused, just ask your queries freely.

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