How to use mamaearth onion hair oil

Some Amazing Secrets About How To Use Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

You must have heard about the mamaearth onion hair oil? 

I am sure your answer must be yes! You can hear it from either your friends, colleagues, etc.

But you must think once about how to use mamaearth onion hair oil and what are its benefits as it is now a well known name in the market.

You want to know the major facts related to hair oil, and it’s sure to affect everyone. So, here you will see their causes, cures, and remedies that are really worthless and without any side effects. First of all, the causes are stress, pollution, and the most important unhealthy lifestyle that leads to hair loss. 

So, here is the solution: Mamaearth hair oil. But how to use mamaearth onion hair oil that helps to control all your hair problems? This onion oil is rich in sulphur , potassium, and antioxidants that help reduce hair fall. It also helps in the re-growth of new hair, which helps boost your confidence level.

Simple Directions About How To Use Mamaearth Onion Hair oil

You must know how to apply on your hair correctly and how to perform a massage that promotes the growth of new hair. Everything that you are using, you should know how to use mamaearth onion hair oil.

  • You can apply directly on your scalp and do gentle massage with your fingertips that  enter into the roots of your hair.
  • After applying leave it overnight or if you apply in the morning then for a few hours.
  • Wash off with a chemical free shampoo.

Precaution that you should know –

  • Suitable for all ages of people and hair types.
  • It is only for external use.
  • Sometimes natural ingredients might give some allergic reaction so do a patch test before applying on your hairs.
  • Must be stored in a cool and dry place.
  • Stay away from the children.

5 Secret Benefits Of How To Use Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

Nature gives you amazing natural things that really are a blessing for your health, like onions for your hair, fruits for your skin, and many more. Factories can’t give you those benefits; you actually need them for your skin and hair. Here are 5 secrets that help you know the benefits of onion hair oil.

  • Onion oil boosts hair growth – For hair spa you have heard of keratin and many other products. Basically, it is a protein that is applied on your hair and sulphur is the major part of keratin. Sulphur helps for new hairs to come and reduce hair fall. Onion hair oil contains sulphur which accelerates hair growth and also activates some enzymes that boost hair growth on your scalp. It is better if you use a conditioner that gives you better results
  • Prevents hair breakage and thinning – Your eyes will remain open to see the results when your scalp absorbs sulphur then makes a bond between hairs. This bond strengthens your hair and prevents hair thinning and breakage. If you want better results then you must know how to use mamaearth onion hair oil and also use a hair mask to control hair fall.
  • Combats premature Greying – Premature graying can be for many reasons like genetic, stress, medical condition and nutrition deficiency. When caused by nutritious deficiency then onion hair oil can help to reverse their effect. Because it contains vitamins and minerals that are needed for reducing graying your hair. It also contains enzymes which help to make your hair back to black.
  • Also balance PH level – Basically, the PH level of the scalp is around 5.5 and the PH value of the hair is somewhere around 3.5. Neutral PH level is 7 and your hair is lesser than that. That’s the reason hair falls because the nature of the hair is acidic. When you use low quality products or the environment in which you are full of pollutants which disbalance the PH level. Onion hair oil is the best hair oil that maintains the PH level of your hair and scalp. 
  • Reduces Dandruff – Dandruff problems irritate so many people and when you find a solution then there are so many remedies that you apply. But you don’t get the result. So, one of the most famous hair oils is now on the market, and the name is mamaearth onion hair oil. You feel good when you apply it, but you must know how to use mamaearth onion hair oil.


Nowadays, Mamaearth hair oil is in demand, and people are using it more than any other hair oil. You just need to know how to use mamaearth onion hair oil on your hair so that hair fall is reduced. Now you know the secret of using onion hair oil and the effects that it creates on your hair.

Don’t feel afraid to use mamaearth onion hair oil; it really solves all your hair problems. That is related to hair fall, hair growth, pollutants, and many more things. You can easily balance your PH level by using onion hair oil.


When should I apply onion hair oil?

You can use onion hair oil twice a week by massaging it gently on your scalp and your hairs.

Are there any side effects of using Mamaearth onion hair oil?

If you are allergic to onion hair oil, then you can use almond hair oil or rice hair oil for your hair problems.

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