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Let’s Admire Another Korean Traditional Wedding Dress

Have you ever heard about the “Korean traditional wedding dress”? There are many traditions or cultures, and one of the most fantastic traditions is the Korean wedding. You can’t even imagine Koreans having such beautiful wedding dresses. 

One of the most important Korean traditions is that the bride and the groom do not see each other before the wedding. Their first glance at each other was at the time of bowing to elders and sharing a cup of wine. This tradition simplifies the ceremony and shows some important aspects of Korean culture.

Some Important Glimpse On Some Korean Traditional Wedding Dress

Let’s move on to some perfect and traditional Korean wedding ceremonies. Here, you can view gorgeous Korean brides who are getting ready for their perfect day with their Korean traditional wedding dress and making their day memorable. 

  • Korean traditional wedding dress –  So many layers are in the Korean traditional wedding dress like Hanbok. A typical Hanbok also has a few layers, but this one went a step further to look beautiful.
    • The first was the sokchima, a corset-like layer with a skirt attached. Due to the skirt attached, the Korean bride feels like a princess to their prince. 
    • The crimson dress, the chima or Hanbok skirt, was the second layer. 
    • The jeogori, or hanbok jacket, was then put on. 
    • After adding the fourth component a little while later, I wondered why the jeogori was even there because you couldn’t see it. 
  • The wonsam/hwalot – The ceremonial jacket known as the wonsam or hwalot, worn by queens and other upper-class ladies during the Joseon period.
    • The wonsam is vibrant and rather ornate, with red silk on the exterior and blue silk inside, with flowers stitched in the fabric to signify riches, longevity, and nobility. 
    • Red wonsams were reserved for queens, while green wonsams were used for princesses. 
    • The women tied a blue ribbon around the chest after the wonsam was put to keep it in place. A daedae is a kind of belt made of red woven silk with gold embroidery. 
    • Then you put the head parts in place after donning some socks, or beoseon, that resembled footwear appropriate for an elf. 
  • Jokduri – Mongolian ladies originally used Jokduri, this cap was shrunk and adopted by Korean women as an ornament.
    • When Jokduri was worn, a long hairpin, called a binyeo, was inserted between the loops the artificial hair had created and secured so that it wouldn’t come out. 
    • The tips of the binyeo protruded by roughly three to four inches. Daenggi, or pieces of fabric, hung down in front of my chest and were attached to each side. 

Do You Know Hanbok Colors Have Some Traditional Meanings?

When choosing our jacket colors, it was just whatever you liked, but the preference of color is a must. Because it is your decision, in which your tradition and culture matter and are close to your heart. So, the color is customary and totally based on your traditions. 

Here, we tell you the actual significance of the color. Historically, colors have meant different things. The crimson skirt, customarily worn at wedding ceremonies, represents fortune and wealth. The red wonsam was traditionally reserved for the queen, the magenta wonsam for concubines and princess consorts, and the green wonsam for princesses and ladies of the noble class. 

So, Korean brides want to choose their colors because they want their married life to have the blessings of God and their elders.


When a girl becomes a bride, she becomes gorgeous due to happiness, but at the same time, she becomes tense because of shopping. Korean traditional wedding dress have so many layers and styles. That’s the reason she needs help with her shopping decision.

Here, we help you out and tell the significance of the colors and also tell which color suits you. How to manage which type of jewelry suits your dress. Please don’t feel shy in asking your queries, and share your priorities and which things you want in your perfect day to make it memorable.


Is it difficult to put on a “Korean traditional wedding dress“?

No, if you choose and wear it step by step, you will look perfect and stunning on your memorable day.

Do colors matter on the wedding day for Korean brides?

Yes, colors matter because they help you feel like a princess with your prince’s. Colors are important because they make you feel like a princess to your prince.

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