My Skin My Health - Fruitful Tips For Healthy Skin

My Skin My Health – Fruitful Tips For Healthy Skin

In a busy schedule, nobody has time for intensive skin care. But it is necessary for your skin due to an uneasy lifestyle and pollution. If you consider the motto “My skin my health” in your life, then a healthy lifestyle helps to improve your skin. Moreover, it turns dull skin into a glowing one. You need to pamper yourself by mastering the basics. Follow some important tips that help you prevent various skin problems and delay natural aging. 

If you use these tips on a regular basis, you will appear five years younger than your actual age. It’s good to apply healthy habits to your daily routine, and seriously, it’s not that tough to make a daily routine. So, let’s get ready to study how you can look gorgeous and stunning by improving your daily habits. 

Some Important Tips for Protecting Your Skin From Various Issues 

It’s obvious that “my skin my health” means taking good care of your health as well as your skin. Nobody will stop you from looking ravishing if you are healthy, drink plenty of water, and apply sunscreen lotion before going out. Let’s see how:

  1. Protect from the sun – Everybody knows that the rays of the sun can cause so many skin problems. It may cause age spots, wrinkles on your face, and other skin-related problems. So, you must protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Sunscreen – Use sunscreen with at least 15 SPF to protect your skin because my skin is healthy. You just need to apply generously and reapply every two hours or more when you are swimming.
  • Avoid sun rays – You have to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. because at that time the rays are strongest and will affect you badly. You care because you know my skin my health.
  • Wear clothes – Cover your skin, which is visible, with tightly woven long-sleeve shirts, long pants, and a scarf that covers your face. This will really help you protect your skin from the rays of the sun.

2. Avoid Smoking – Smoking is injurious to health, as everyone knows, but it also affects your skin badly. It makes your skin look older than you are and starts causing wrinkles on your face. It also decreases blood flow, which makes your skin dull because it doesn’t pass oxygen and nutrients to your skin which is important for skin health because my skin my health motto is important.

3. Treat your skin delicately – Skin needs daily care and protection from harmful rays and dust. So, keep your skin gentle and glowing.

4. Limit your bath time – Bathing in hot water, which everybody loves but it removes all the oil from your skin. So, limit your bath time or shower time and use warm water rather than hot water.

  • Soaps – You must avoid strong and harmful soaps and detergents that can strip oil from your skin.
  • Gentle dry – When you bathe, then gently dry your body with a towel so that moisture remains on your skin because my skin my health.
  • Moisture your skin – If your skin is so dry, then use a moisturizer that suits your skin type, but use only those that contain SPF.
  • Healthy diet – Outer care is important, but inner care is also important for healthy skin. Inner care means a healthy diet that maintains an inner glow. The plus point of inner care is that you feel active, and your immune system is much better because your diet is healthy.

5. Stress – Stress is another reason for unhealthy skin. More stress makes you more sensitive, which triggers acne breakouts and other skin problems. Healthy skin needs a peaceful mind, and a peaceful mind needs enough sleep that helps you to remain active and happy because my skin my health.


My skin my health, that phrase tells the importance of skin. You maintain your skin in two ways: the outer glow and the inner glow. You can moisturize your skin on a daily basis and use warm water for bathing. You can also care for your skin by having a healthy diet and drinking more water, which both help your skin glow. 

A healthy diet makes your skin glow, but side by side makes you fit and active. It helps boost your immune system so that you never feel ill. Care for your skin with herbal products or homemade products that protect you from harmful chemicals or the rays of the sun.


How can we get healthy skin?

You can get healthy skin by caring gently for it and using herbal products that help your skin glow and look gorgeous.

Can inner care help my skin?

Yes, of course, inner care is also a must for healthy skin and maintaining a youthful look.

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