Valentine day gift ideas

The month of love is here, and people are already excited about it. Come February, and many look forward to spending time with their dear ones by going on romantic dates, gifting them special tokens of love 

The Valentine's Day celebrations start a week before with Rose Day when people express their love by giving roses to each other. 

7 February

The next day is celebrated as Propose Day. On this day, people express their feelings to their partner or someone they have a crush on.  

8 February

The third day of Valentine's Week is Chocolate Day. On this day, people forget about all the bitterness in their lives and exchange sweet and delicious chocolates.  

9 February

The idea is to give your beloved a plush toy to express your love for the person and make them happy. A cute teddy bear can change a distressed mood and bring a smile to their faces. 

10 February

They mark this day by making promises to stay together through thick and thin, to make their relationships stronger.  

11 February

People comfort their loved ones by hugging them. Sometimes when words can't explain an emotion or complicated situation, a hug can solve the problem.  

12 February

Lovers seal their love with a kiss on this day. Valentine's Week is all about expressing affection towards your loved ones, and a kiss is the best way to show it. 

13 February

Couples celebrate this day by spending time together, going on romantic dates, doing romantic gestures for each other, gifting each other, planning surprises, and more. 

14 February

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