wedding dress styles for body types

Perfect Guide For Wedding Dress Styles For Body Types

For every bride, choosing a wedding dress with so many styles will be overwhelming. Are you facing the same?

If yes, then you are lucky in selecting a style that will compliment your figure and taste. 

Here, you can view wedding dress styles for body types which makes your day perfect and memorable. Just have a look at some of the styles and select your kind of dress that will suit you and also feel comfortable.

It will help you to choose something that will look outstanding on you. There are so many styles available online according to your body type whether you are slim, short, or tall. 

Focus On Some Of The Unique And Different styles 

As you all know no women have the same body type. All the brides across the world do not have the same measurement and that’s a sign of relief for every designer. Designers are able to give lots of designs for making every bride different and unique. Because a wedding dress is the only garment that you refuse to compromise on in terms of fit and style. So, here are some of the beautiful wedding dress styles for body types that you won’t refuse.   

  • Pear shaped body – This type of body shaped women having less on upper body and a well defined waistline. That’s the reason it’s called a pear shaped body. You can wear a blouse with curves that includes detailing and volume. Due to having slim waist you can wear a low waist lehenga or you can drape a bridal saree just below navel. Avoid excess volume lehenga because it can change your shape and also avoid tube tops, fishtail lehenga that only shows your lower body.
  • Apple shaped body – Apple shaped body women having full volume on upper and lower body but less in their waistline. For this body type go for soft fabrics which include chiffon, crepe or georgette with deep or low neckline that will enhance your stunning look. Avoid having fabrics which include brocade or tissues because they give a flat look.
  • Hourglass shaped body – In hourglass shape your upper and lower body having a curve that is the key feature. You can have fishtail bridal lehenga or gown, saree drape all these are perfect for the perfect day of yours. Also have a halter neckline or corsets that will definitely enhance your overall look. 
  • Inverted triangle shaped body – triangle means a cone shaped body which is opposite of pear shape. These women are heavier from top and lighter from bottom and they have broad shoulders. They can add on grace by having a wide flair lehenga with a lot of volume at the bottom. It will definitely balance your body shape and give a stunning look in your wedding. Avoid choli that is too highlighting because it looks bulky.
  • Delicate shaped body – Delicate shaped body women feel like queen because they have a wide range of varieties to wear on her wedding ceremony. You can go for vertical stripes that will add length. Avoid having heavy dupattas that will lower your body. When you talk about choli then it will be a U or halter neckline that will really look elegant. 

There are so many wedding dress styles for body types and you can choose according to your body type which will give grace to your wedding. 


These six basic wedding dress styles for body types helps to make your wedding day perfect and memorable. Women have multiple body types and here you can find that dress which compliments your look. 

Designers put their full strength to make according to your body structure so that you won’t face any problem. They make you comfortable and stressless so that you enjoy your wedding like a dream wedding because the wedding is the new beginning of your new life. 

You can have curves, deep necklines, fish style, or many more designs that you can choose according to your structure. We hope you can choose an ideal wedding dress that builds confidence on your face.


Is a fishtail wedding dress fit for a heavy body?

No, you can go for soft fabrics that fit your body and make you look slim and gorgeous.

Are there any dresses for short brides?

Yes, here you can select according to your length and shape. You won’t be able to refuse if you can see these dresses with your body structure. 

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